I spent two hours at the mixer last night which was held in the Palace Ballroom on 5th and Lenora, across the street from the Palace Kitchen (BTW – the Palace Ballroom is a GREAT space. If you’re looking to hold an event you should check it out). It was like 1999 all over again. I got hit up by two different new firms. The place was packed with enterpreneurs and digital media professionals chit-chatting each other up over free drinks and food. All in all it was pretty fun, despite it being an “industry” event (which in our industry typically means no girls and no good conversation). More information can be found here.  Afterwards, a little tipsy, I picked up Kelly and we headed to the Black Bottle for some bites and a glass of wine. We ordered the salmon and fontina croquettes (not good at all) and the coconut penna cotta (very good). Our friend Cyrill and his lady showed up and ordered the roasted portobello (super good) and the roasted pepper and spinach flatbread (OK). With that said, I woke up with a slight hangover this morning, but did manage to run a couple miles.