Well, CT didn’t happen. Luckily, we were able to save that trip for a later date and just do a Breeze presentation in the meantime. Instead, this week is packed with two major RFPs, a mixer tonight, and an office move on Friday.

That’s right, we’re officially out of this office and on to better things. I’m fairly excited because it means i’m going from a cube in the back corner of a small, dark room to an office overlooking Elliot Bay in Belltown.

I’ve been at this company for over five years now and in that timespan have been in three different offices. When i first moved here, we were on Western & Madison. the space was small and crappy, but we had a view of the bay, looking through 99.

Then 2001 came and the merger and the dot com crash. It was all about saving every penny on everything possible. We moved into a warehouse space across the street from Safeco Field with lots and lots of crappy room. The space was huge, but so impersonal. The back 80% was completely open and the developers (of which I was one) were seated in a row facing the back wall of windows. There were probably 8 desks, each one in front of the other. Anytime you picked up the phone, everyone could hear your entire conversation. Any time you went to the bathroom, everybody would see you go in and out. (In this way, we knew the bowel cycles of every team member. I’m not sure if that builds camaraderie).

There was an earthquake that year. The walls cracked, servers fell and the building inspectors feared for us until the landlord had a quick chat with them. the lease stood. We were stuck. At some point, the landlord was renting space out above us to residential customers. One of them left their tub on when they went out one night. We arrived at an office soaked through the walls. It was nasty and smelly. The lease stood.

After we were purchased in 2003 we had some money. We chucked our lease and moved into a beautiful space in Pioneer Square. OK, the space wasn’t immaculate, but compared to what we had, it was like moving into the Ritz. 14′ ceilings. 12′ windows. Quasi-open offices. Torrefazione and Zeitgeist a block away. People on the streets. Multiple lunch choices. It was heaven.

Three years later the Torrefazione is gone and I’m burned out on the lunch spots. The company has also doubled in size and we’re fitting three people to an office. For me personally, I’ve been downgraded twice. The first time when i switched out of development and into project management. I lost my shared, window lit office and moved into a dungeon of an office close the entrance. Three months later and running out of room, the director of development took my office and I got pushed back into a cube on the sales side of the office. This was OK because the sales side is much more social and I was now a Sales Engineer, so it made since.

But on Friday we move into a round building with 360 degree views. My office faces the southwest and has views of the water and city (meaning a nearby building that blocks the rest of my view – still a vast improvement). It also means that we’re closing shop up early on Friday as the network has to go down for the move to the new building. w00p.

Tonight, I’m off the a mixer we’re sponsoring around digital media. It should be interesting to see who shows up. With any luck, I’ll find a new sales engineer to hire onto my team…