I moved to Seattle on a Thursday and by the following Saturday, The Noodle Ranch was my new favorite restaurant. For months afterwards, I would stop by at least once a week for the Spicy Ranch Noodles or the Pad Thai or Tom Ka Kai. It was all so good.

After six months, I moved out of Belltown and out of my routine, but continued to visit every month or so, always stopping by when I was getting a cold as I was sure that the Tom Ka Kai was the perfect cold remedy, even so much as trying to make Tom Ka Kai on my own once (it was good, but damn there were a lot of ingredients in there that I had to buy form the Asian Market). For whatever reason, I stopped going entirely. Most likely because of proximity, or lack thereof.

About six months ago I returned, excited about the Pad Thai and Tom Ka Kai. Unfortunately, it was very mediocre. Wanting to believe that one of my favorite restaurants had not declined so much in my absense, I went back a few more times, the most recently being last night.

I’m sad to report that the rein of The Noodle Ranch as one of my favorite spots is over. Either their food has declined significantly or I’ve grown much more accustomed to good asian food that it doesn’t seem to pull the same weight as the little dives around town. It’s probably a combination of both. I also believe that their static menu (I don’t think it’s changed once in the 5.5 years I’ve lived here) has contributed to its whithering.

Take care little Noodle Ranch. I’ll always remember the good times…