Before there was the handsome and charming Diesel, there was the handsome and charming Tim (hey, some things never change). Before I met Kelly and moved to the ghetto, I lived in Queen Anne for about four years. I had a beautiful apartment about halfway up the hill with a killer view of the Needle and City. How I fell into such an apartment is a different story, but suffice to say that I spent a lot of time on the corner of Queen Anne Ave and Mercer (No, not trading tricks).

I haven’t really been back to this area after moving to Highland Park (in reality, not IN the ghetto, but conveniently located just a few blocks away) just over a year ago, but yesterday I decided to walk up there to hit up the Kinkos to go over some SAVE THE DATE proofs and maybe get a bite to eat. In all honesty, I was in a pretty poor mood and was looking for some time to myself.

Eating always helps that. Not talking to anybody else is good for that too.

I was amazed at how much Queen Anne Ave has changed in just 16 months. It might sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but I actually didn’t recognize it. I was about halfway to Mercer from Denny (where the new office is) when I looked up and became, if only for a minute, disorientated. There’s a new apartment building on Harrison, a 24 hour fitness, the Athena (i think that’s been there for awhile now), etc. Nothing too major, but I just remember being able to see the sky from there and now it’s blocked as if you’re in a city. Huh.

After my stop at Kinkos I hit up Easy Street Records. I haven’t bought a CD in about a year and it was probably from the same store. I purchased the new Conjure One (Extraordinary Ways) and the newer (ok, turns out it’s 6 months old – i guess i’m not in “the scene”) goldfrapp (Supernature). Hooray. New Music. Turns out spending money is good for the mood too.

So, after deciding on going to Good Night and Good Luck on my own, I had thirty minutes to kill and needed to eat. Pagliachi? Hrm, I love their pizza, but the atmosphere sucks and i’m sick of pizza? roti? Tasty Indian bites, but no bar means you have to sit at a table. By yourself.

Look, I’m all for eating out by myself, but there’s something incredibly exposing about sitting at a table in a nice restaurant by yourself. People would be lookign over and thinking “Oh, poor guy. Maybe he USED to come here with his girlfriend”. Blah.

Peso’s? The food is good and the Corona goes down very quickly, but the noise level was too much.

That pretty much left Phuket, which as I’ve mentioned before, was a lot mroe fun to say when I didn’t know how to pronounce it. ANYWAY. I couldn’t remember if it was good or bad, but it’s a somewhat quiet and low-light kind of place. Exactly what i was looking for. After a bowl of noodles I was off to next door Uptown Cinemas to catch the flick.

Good Night and Good Luck was a good movie. I wouldn’t call it amazing or even great, but I did really like it. Oscar quality? I didn’t think so, but jesus, Crash won so what do I know. Either the crop of films was so bad this year that there was nothing else to choose, or more likely, the academy thinks that any film with an unusual timeline is AMAZING. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Crash and I thought it had great potential. But at the end, I didn’t care about any of the characters. How can you win an Oscar when the characters don’t matter? But, I digress.

I came out of GNGL feeling better. The mood had lifted and I felt like everything was back in place. As I walked in front of Key Arena I looked up and saw the Needle and the moon through the clouds. It reminded me of my time in Queen Anne and I was happy.

I took this picture:

Space Needle and Moon (holy blurry picture, batman)

I also came out of the movie with a craving for a Jack and Coke and so I stopped by Tini Biggs on the way home. Not my favorite place, but on a Tuesday night it would be low key and low light. All positives. I drank my drink, noticed the Playboy magazine on the bar, which seemed an odd choice, and went home.