While in NYC for about 24 hours last week, I met up with Seno at one of my favorite places in Manhattan, Rosa Mexicana. Now to be honest, my history with NYC is short and I really only know a handful of places to eat there and while I should be out exploring more adventurous sources of dinner, I almost always hit Rosa Mexicana. To be honest, it's not that Rosa Mexicana isn't amazing, but they do have a great filet in jalapeno cream sauce and served with the made-at-your-table guac, you can't go wrong,

On another note, I don't spend enough time doing research before I go on these trips. I need to change that as NYC really is the culinary capital of the US. So far, the only places I can remember that are worth mentioning are Flay's Mesa Grill (excellent. Try the Yellow Corn Crusted Chili Relleno) and Jean Georges' Perry St (voted best steak in NY – That's quite a recommendation!). I've also been to a couple of french restaurants that were delicious, but I can't recall the names.