Kelly and I went to Scottish Lakes on Friday. You can read her blog all about it here. I haven't read it yet, but I am sure it mentions something about

Her and I being awful XC skiers – TRUE.

The trails being really hard – TRUE

The cabins being rustic and wood-stove warmed – TRUE

Kelly taking forever to complete her turn in Scrabble – VERY TRUE – LIKE 20 MINUTES TO PULL OUT FREAKING  "BOX"

But on my side, I just wanted to point out that we had a great time. Despite some horrible minutes on XC skis, the whole time was fun. We're out and about a lot in the Northwest and this place is defintely one of those rare finds. I recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors.

I also got to take a 7 mile snowboard run to the bottom this morning on our way out. SEVEN MILES! Granted, the last 5-6 miles was mostly a long snowcat track, but the first mile or so was through clear cut timber, spaced 2-5 ft apart. It was a little scary weaving in and out of such tightly spaced trees, but it was a ton of fun.