I'm never one to plan much. Weeks before going to a conference, my colleagues are booking lunches, dinners, meeting, and other stuff with business associates and friends. I don't know if I'm just more busy than them or I just procrastinate, but that's never the case with me. Usually, the day before I leave I realize I have nothing booked for my trip and I start thinking about who I could see while away (This probably means I don't belong anywhere near the sales team, but we'll look past that for now). My trip to LA started in this very way.

Monday morning, somewhere between my scheduled interview and my 3:00pm flight, I realized I had no after-hour plans for my time in LA. I really only know one person in LA, the recently married Sarah whose wedding K and I attended last November, aka my only remaining friend from highschool. Second later I'm leaving her a message "What are you doing tonight?".

On the way to the airport I get the return call and by the time we taxi onto the main runway and my mobile goes blank, I have evening plans.

The flight was uneventful, but I ws lucky enough to score first class seats. Hooray. Free wine, nibbles and some room. A couple hours later I'm checking into my hotel room at the very nice Loews in Santa Monica and see some tall, lanky, eastern european guy whom I'm later told is part of the San Antonio Spurs. Later, other people see Robert Horry, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and most importantly, Eva Longoria.

Sarah and friends showed up 20 minutes after checking in and we went to Barney's Beanery and then to Molly Malones to see this guy:


Reeve something or other, just signed top Interscope. The show was surprisingly packed (150-200 people on a Monday night ain't bad) and surprisingly good. He's sort of a cross between Dave Matthews and John Mayer, at 23. Everybody in the band seemed to be able to sing as well. It's not really my kind of music, but I understand why people like it.