This last weekend was the first weekend I've spent in my house since probably Feb. I can't even remember the last time I was able to sleep in, lounge around and drink coffee, and watch a little cable tv! Excit'in!

It didn't start off that way. Friday was HECTIC. I didn't even eat lunch until 3pm and I'm NOT one to miss a meal. I feel like the last few days at work have just been a series of meetings and interviews. I'm STILL looking for a Sales Engineer. My last candidate seemed to nail it all except one thing… Nobody thought that he actually wanted the job, which I'm sure is a pre-req. He showed zero enthusiasm. 

Back to the drawing board. The worst part is I'm out of the office on business trips for the next two weeks.

Anyway, when 6pm came around, I was totally spaced out and jumpy. K msgd me about going to a movie, but it was too nice to go inside a dark room and I was too hyper to sit down. We've had some aussies in our offices for the last 4 weeks and they were going to Peso's for a fairwell meal. After putting this to K very delicately, we were off for a beer.

I was good. I left after two beers and headed over to K's. She, being the wonderful girl thhat she is, took me to Le Pichet, which is how one gets me to refer to them as wonderful. le pichet is my favorite restaurant in Seattle and we should probably go there more often, but I'm not much of a planner and it fills up early.

On Saturday morning, K went off to run with her running group and I munched on day old pastries from macrina. Actually, K never made it to greenlake. She got lost somewhere between 99 and the lake.

I know.

Really. I know.

So, we're trying to decide which GPS to get now. I'm thinking the Magellan 300, but that's another story.

While K went off to get a wedidng dress, I hit the Home Depot and The West Seattle Nursery to gets me some seeds and potting soil! Last year, I had these visions of a big garden full of veggies to eat all summer long. In the end, it was two tomato plants that didn't flower until September and a batch of edamame that only produced a bowl full of beans. This year I'm determined to do better.

So, I bought some more seeds and setup some starters inside. I have basil, mint, squash, lots of lettuce, tomatoes, broc, and leeks now started indoors. I also finished my outdoor planter on my deck and planted some actual plants in it. All of them are different herbs.

Now i wait, and hope it rains as i won't get a chance to water them again until Friday.

I also had a chance to make a couple dinners. On saturday night, I made a leek and tomato pasta primavera and on Sunday I made fish tacos.

I love fish tacos and they are so easy to make. I always buy a cheap white fish, typically rockfish, slice it and bread it with tempura batter made from boxed tempura mix mixed with beer and water. Just dip and add to 375 degree oil and cook for about 2-3 minutes per side.

The only thing else you have to do is make a simple salsa, which for me means a couple diced tomatoes, seeds and juices removed mixed with finely diced red onion, salt, pepper, and some olive oil and oregano. I had a yellow bell pepper as well so i roasted that, diced it and threw it in as well.

Finally, you need some white sauce. This is one of those things that seems difficult, but is actually super simple. a quick 50/50 mix of plain yogurt and mayo gets you started. Just add some fresh lemon juice until it turns runny. Finally, add a little hot sauce, salt, pepper, ground chipotle, garlic, and oregano and you're good to go.

Throw in some cheddar cheese and mixed greens and you have some delicious fish tacos. It was a great way to end the weekend…