In 3 days at CTIA, I had about 1 hour to walk around and see cool new stuff. There were no revolutionary phone designs, but there were a couple that stood out and I took pictures of them. These pictures are on my camera and I will upload them this weekend. In the meantime, I'll just tell you about a few items…

Motorola Q – This has been announced for awhile, but it was cool to finally see one work. It's basically a treo, but only as thick as a razr. Very cool, but it did seem very slow and awkward to type on. My guess is that the speed could be improved by launch, but who knows as it runs WM Mobile. Of course, that's far better than the horrible interface motorola has on its other phones.

On a side note, a cool hardware design will make somebody buy a phone, but it won't make you love it. Motorola's software interface is just plain suck and I'm amazed that haven't updated it yet.

Samsung 8GB Phone – World's first and biggest HDD phone. 8GB is quite a bit to store on the phone and enough to hold a decent music and video collection. Not too thick of a phone either.

Nokia Lipstick – No, Lauren, not the one you almost bought off eBay. Nokia has a new, very slim, lipstick style phone that's shiny silver and oh so small. In fact, it doesn't have a keypad. Here's to voice recognition.

Unfortunately, that was the only interesting Nokia. What happened to their creativeness?

Pictures coming!