I'm in Vegas all week for CTIA and I'm beat. Anytime you go to Vegas, you know you're going to be tired when it's all done, but when you combine it with work and a tradeshow, not only are you ready to go home at the end, you're DYING to go home at the end. Vegas is good for like 2 days…

First night: Party + gamble

Second night: Party + gamble

Third night : Please for the love of god no partying and I want to sleep in my own bed.

Having many experiences witgh Vegas trade shows (including CES in Jan where I stayed up one night until 5:30am playing poker before hitting the show floor), I knew I needed to pace myself. I came in on Tuesday night, after a 4 hour flight delay.

Quick Trivia Question: How do you know you're in Vegas?

You spend most of your time in cab lines.

I get out of the airport and jump right into the 600+ person cab line and wait 45 minutes in line. Arrive at NYNY. Walk through Casino, eyes darting left and right to tables. Focus, Tim. Focus. I'm not going out this first night, I promised myself.

OK. Maybe I'll just stop by ESPNZone to see if the mariner's game is on. it isn't, which I think saves me. After a little din din, I'm back in my room and asleep by like midnight. Success! I even wake up and hit the fitness center. I decide that I'll be back the next three days and I'll get my 3 day discount pass.

Show starts at 11:00am. Not bad by conference standards. I get in another line for a cab at like 10:10am. It goes nowehere, but out of the blue a shuttle shows up. Saved! I make it to the show on time.

CTIA is the biggest north american wireless show. All the manufacturers are there as well ass hundreds of companies you never knew existed. It's safe to take any word, apply the letter "M" the front of it, and come up with a real mobile company. MBlox, MQube, Mcrack, whatever. They all exist.

ANYWAY, we didn't expect this to be a big show for us, a little software publishing company out of Seattle, but it was. And even weirder, most people already knew of us.

"Oh. You're theplatform? We've heard a lot about you."

You have? We have no marketing. I mean, we don't even have anyb ody in marketing. But I guess if you power the biggest wireless video service in the country, your name gets out. Even if you just are the grunt middleware and not the sexy parts.

Wait. Where was I going with this? I got all orthanganol.

So after spending 6 hours on the floor talking to customers, potential customers, and crack dealers (or at least people that should probably do that for a living), I was ready to go back to the hotel. But as soon as you walk outside, you know you won't get home for at least another hour. Long lines and lots of traffic mean a long wait and ride home. I won't go into too many details, but suffice to say that we took a shuttle to Harrah's just in time to wait 30 minutes for a broken monorail. Hooray for not-so-public transportation.

10 minutes in the hotel room and it's time to start the party circuit. We already missed the infospace party at Hard Rock, and the mQube party was postphoned due to weather so the next party up is Microsoft at the Ferarri dealership at the Wynn. I meet Drake at Il Fornaio downstairs for a quick bite before meeting up with everybody else from thePlatform and heading over.

Man, I wish we wouldn't have eaten anything first because the food at the party was amazing. There were sushi chefs preparing fresh sushi to order, oysters on the half-shell, peking duck, and beautiful deserts, all surrounded by brand new ferraris. I'm not really a car person, but the Ferraris were beautiful. This was the first party ever heald at the dealership and my guess is that it easily cost them $25-$30k for about 100-150 people. 

After meeting up with friends and business associates at the MS party, we headed a few hundred feet away to Lure, where the qPass party was being held. Rumor on the street is that they were just purchased for about $400 million and looking around the party, it seemed as everyone was VERY happy. Amazing for a company that seems to be in such disarray. But the party was good and more swank the MS party. We hung out outside by this very warm fireplace.

At around midnight we left the party and got in another cab line. 30 minutes later I was playing 2-4 poker at MGM with a couple co-workers. I'm not a great poker player. In fact, I'm probably not that good at all, but I went up $80 or so on my $100 laydown pretty fast before grinding out to leave with about $40 at 3:30am or so.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't make the gym the next day. In fact, I was happy to make the show by 11:00am. Thank god for an 11am start time. Another full day of meetings and booth duty, but this time a bit hungover. I didn't think I had drank that much the night before, but when I started adding up 2-3 drinks here, 2-3 drinks there it turns into a double digit number.


So when we get back to the hotel this time, I'm ready for a nap and I take an hour-long snooze at the hotel before heading to the China Grill at Mandalay for a business dinner. Dinner was delicious, especially the short-ribs and black cod, but when it ends at 11, I'm ready to go back to NYNY and watch a movie. I wanted to see Munich because I had just read the movie, but it was 2:45 minutes long and I wasn't staying up past 2 to watch it. I ended up watching seinfeld and falling alseep.

Today was great until I got to the airport. I was suppose to leave at 2:40pm, but it's 6:30 now and my flight is still on the ground. Apparently something is leaking in the engine, which they assure us is not a good place for a leak, and we're waiting for some mysterious part to come from LA. This means that I'm going to miss my dinner plans in Seattle tonight, which I'm not very fond of and that my short weekend just got a bit shorter. See. I have a red-eye flight out to Atlanta on Sunday night, but that's another story..