Since meeting Kelly I've put on like 15 pounds. I believe it's a combination of lack of exercise and the addition to many fattening foods to my diet, especially butter and heavy cream.

HEAVY CREAM – I never used it before but I love it. Everything is better with HEAVY CREAM.

Anyway, I need to drop these 15lbs so I decided to try this diet that my co-worker Darren is on. Basiclaly I can eat anything except pork, sugar, and other carbs. It doesn't seem too hard.

So last night I took a red-eye flight out of Seattle to Atlanta and thought that this week would be as good as any to start. I figured I'd be eating out every night with very little  to worry about in regards to budget, so I could get the best fish dishes all week.

It was a good plan.

I started today out with some scrambled eggs and a banana. For lunch I just had some stir fry veggies from a local Chinese place. FOr dinner, we went to the local McCormich and Schmick's and I had the Maki and a glass of pinot noir.

Well, I wasn't planning on a second glass of Pinot, but the waitress messed up and gave us another. Oh well. After dinner we went home. We had an invitation to the Playb oy party (it's NCTA in Atlanta this week), but were debating whether to go or not.

At 9pm, I convinced D that we needed to go, even though our last Playboy party was a total bore. I just felt that we needed to go out for a bit.

So, we hoped one of the few cabs and made our way to The Compound, wich turns out to be this really cool bar. If you are ever in Atlanta, you need to check it out. It's huge, both inside and out and one of those bars that only works in the South, where it's warm most of the year.

The other nice thing was the it was filled with Playboy bunnies. There were girls everywhere, including playmates. Some were signing autographs, some were just hanging out. For D and I – both of us so engrossed in our relationships that we don't even lift an eye-lid to all the hotties surrounding us – we just got a glass of wine and a cigar and hung out. There was supposed to be a fashion show too, but after waiting for about 20 minutes, we decided to leave.

We were both hungry though and decided to stop by "Jock and JIll's", a bar close to the hotel, to get some wings. Another glass of wine and 24 wings later, I'm pretyy sure I blew day one of the diet, if not days two and three. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.