I'm certanly not an expert photographer (as the blur will give away), but I did snap a few pictures from CTIA. Here they are…


We were there to work and this was our pod. We were surprised to get as much traffic as we did considering we were in the far back corner and our booth was pretty small. This is Darren very excited to "Do amazing".

Nokia Lipstick Front

Nokia Lipstick

A tiny little thing by Nokia that doesn't even have a keypad. The face was so shiny that it appears green in the photo.

Q front

Q side

The new Motorola Q. All the functionality of a treo with the thickness of a RAZR. It's very cool, albeit slightly awkward to type on. I believe Verizon has first dibs on this one. It'll take it a year to move to the other networks.

Samsung 8GB HDD

Samsung was showing off a ton of camera and music phones. This one caught my eye as it's the world's first HDD phone and can hold 8GB.

Samsung DVBH

DVB-H and Mediaflo are going to bring live tv to a phone near you in the next year. This is one of the new Samsung phones with DVB-H . The screen lifts up and twists to give a widescreen view.

LG Girls 1

LG Girls 2

It wouldn't be a trade show without booth babes and marketing shows. This was probably the most elaborate show on the floor. 3 LG girls and 1 LG boy dance around and sing the praises of their phones. It all goes to show that asians are indeed weird.

Model 2

Model 1

Mobile Fashion show every two hours. Enough said…

That about does it. Sorry for the distortion on this page, there doesn't seem to be a good way to keep the aspect ratio on the blog itself, but if you click through, they appear correctly.