I can't believe it's been 13 days since I wrote in this thing. Those two weeks have just flown by. I'll try to make this quick to catch you up.

One thing I forgot to mention in DC was our flight from Atlanta to DC. We took one of those 50 seater regional jets and as we approached Dulles, it felt like the plane was all over the place. The pilot kept correcting and correcting and looking down I couldn't see any lights anywhere. No street lights, no house lights, nothing and I kept thinking that Dulles airport was pretty inland. It wasn't like we were flying over the ocean or the great lakes.

Anyway, I was getting a bit nervous about all the side to side we were doing. I should tell you now that I've been getting more and more nervous about flying with every week. I don't know why. I've flown since I was a little kid. My dad even owned a little four seater Bonanza and I've never had a problem with flying in the past. but something lately has been getting to me. It's a bit nerve racking.

Back to the future…

So we're getting lower and lower and finally i see the runway lights and it looks like we're about 50 ft up, but granted it's dark so it's hard to tell. We're getting lower and lower and then all of a sudden the pilot throws on the jets, points the plane back up, and we shoot back up.

*missed approach*

We proceed to do what I think is about a 270 because ono this approach I see house and car lights so I'm guessing we're trying a different runway this time. We come down, this time with a lot less correction so I'm guessing the wind was more north-south on this approach. All the while, the captain never comes on to say anything. Nada. Nothing. I mean, we're not stupid. We know something is messed up. Either the pilot sucks, the plane is messed up or the winds are too bad. 

Silence doesn't help anyone feel at ease. Just come on and say "Hey folks, the winds were really bad for that approach so we're going to try again on a different runway." Something. Otherwise, everyone in the back seats are thinking the worst.

But we land without incident and we all breathe a little easier. I've heard of these things before so I figure that I've had my share for a few years.

Not so. On the way to Vegas, not two weeks later, the same thing happens. We miss the approach. We do a 360. We land without incident and all the while there's no communication from the pilot…