So what else have I been up to? And how has the diet gone?

After our meetings in DC, Darren and I booked it to the train station just in time to miss the express train to NY. So, we hop the slow train and spend just over 3 hours slowly working our way to the Big Apple.

I love NY. Love love love. And why do I love NY?

Because of the food.

But we're on a diet here so you have to be careful. I ate a caesar salad on the train ride to give me enough energy to make it to dinner. That and a couple glasses of chardonnay.

Yea, I'm dirnking a lot of white these days. I think it's because of the spring weather.

Darren booked us at my new favorite hotel in NY – The Muze. It's at 46th and Broadway, which is right where the Viacom/MTV/TRL building is and amazingly enough the rooms are really nice and a pretty decent size. Well, I say amazing, but at $299/night the rooms should be pretty good, though in NY your money just doesn't go very far. After 10 minutes of clean-up and plugging in the laptop to charge up, we head across the street to the Havana Cafe, recommended by our hotel staff.

We started off with the coconut shrimp (Yes, I'm aware that's stretching the diet a bit) and a bottle of red. How romantic. Another 1-on-1 dinner in a dark restaurant with a band playing, with Darren. Of course at this point we're smelly, tired of seeing each other every day, and still not gay. However, I did think it would be a nice place to take K when we head back in a month.

For dinner Darren had the paella (which for some reason he thought did not have rice in it) and I had the skirt steak with advcado salad. The steak was great. A lot of people don't like skirt steak because they think it's a cheap and tough piece of meat and it certainly can be. The cheap part is always good, but the tough part only happens if you cook it too long AND you don't cut it cross-wise. 

But because of it's large amount of surface area, skirt steak can take on a lot of flavor and is incredibly tender if cooked over a very hot grill for just a couple minutes and cut against the grain.

The salad was OK, but nothing special and really…how can an advcado salad not taste good? It's really hard to screw that up.

No dessert. Does that mean I kept to my diet? I think so

The next two days were a blur. We went to 10 meetings in 2 days and by the end I was exhausted. I also had a chance to meet up with K's old boss Seno, who I've inherited form the relationship as well as my colleague Tristan and an old business partner, Gil, who's left ESPN to work on a new mobile venture.

I kept pretty close to the diet and also noticed that 56th st is also known as Brazil Street. Will have to head back there in May.