In denver tonight after spending monday night in Minneapolis. I've been filling in as a Solutions Architect for the Client Services Group as everybody on that team is completely swamped. It's exhausting work, especially when you're trying to do your regular work and track three or four other projects.

The monday project is a bit outside of our normal scope so it requires a lot of thinking about, but today's customer was very straight-forward. Not only that, but they weere a fun group to work with, for the most part. We finished the day at 4:30 and grabbed a beer with a couple of them.

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel, happy to be spending two nights in the same place, took a rest and then went to the recommended Vista Dipping Restaurant in the Lodo district. The schtick of the place is that there are like 30 different dipping sauces that you can mix & match with your entrees (you get 3 per entree). We got the ribs to start, which were very good, but too much for two people. We followed it up with the flank steak with black pepper aioli, chimmichurri, and red pepper sauces along with the roasted veggies with the cilantro pesto, mole, and some other sauce. All of it was good and kind of a fun experience, but nothing amazing. THe place was cool though. It'd be a great date restaurant.

At that point we were stuffed, but after taking some time to digest, we ordered a couple glasses of ice wine and an order of bread pudding. It turns out that J had never had bread pudding before which I think is a travesty. It's one of my fav deserts and tonight's didn't disappoint.

After that we walked around Lodo and ended up at some bar that had rooftop seating and a miniture bowling alley, more cloesly related to german kegenbowl (?) then american bowling. Whatever it was, it was kinda fun and we joined some drunken locals for a game.

Tomorrow I head to Stamford, CT for an all day meeting on friday. After that I'm meeting my brother's family in Brooklyn and then Kelly joins me on Saturday morning for a long weekend in NY. She'll leave on Monday afternoon, but I'm staying until Thursday. Good times to come. I can't wait to spend the weekend with K in NY.