I just arrived at the Sheraton in Stamford, CT. One week ago I had never even heard of Stamford. I am here for one night and tomorrow evening I head down to the city. I had planned on meeting my brother's family in Brooklyn, but his two young girls are sick so they didn't make the drive up from DC. So, I think at this point I will email my friend db of foodcandy.com fame and see what he's doing. Anybody in NY and doing something interesting tomorrow night?

So I spend a lot of time in airports and I'm always looking for a good airport restaurant. Seattle has a few two worth noting. Anthony's Fish Bar is pretty good for airport food. It's not amazing, but the food is done well and they have good beer on tap.

However, my real favorite at the Seattle airport is Dish D'Lish, a spin off of the Ballard version. It's just a sandwich and salad shop, but the sandwiches are really good, grilled hot on a panini machine.

Denver airport has a bunch of restaurants, but I always go to the same one: Pour la France. it's not amazing, but it's great airport food. I stopped by today and had a Provencial Salad that was delicious and before I had the Coq au Vin, which was pretty good as well. it's located in Concourse B (The United concourse), if you're ever there. There's also a good burrito stand in there too, but the name eludes me. I think it's in concourse C at the top of the stairs.