My day in Stamford went well and afterwards I was lucky enough to experience New York like a true New Yorker… by spending 2 hours and 45 minutes trying to go a total of 44 miles. Ah! An average speed of not even 27mph on our nation's great freeways!

I checked into the Amsterdam Court hotel and then headed downstairs to try out the bar. The bartender made a delicious martini I had never had before, created from Zen (a green tea infused liquor), a dash of citrus vodka, and a dash of some juice (I think grapefruit, but I don't remember). I'm definitely on the lookout for Zen now.

After making small conversation with the bartender and a friend of the bartender's, who informed me that most new york bartenders do coke to stay up so late, I met up with Seno and got dinner at Matt's Grill where I had a very good pan-roasted catfish. Being form the south, I didn't realize you could cook catfish without dipping it in batter and deep frying it.

Afterwards, we went to some sports bar across the st where we met up with old friends from seno's MS days and my coworker, Tristan. They all wanted to go to the Apple Store for the grand opening, but I wasn't into it, so Tristan and I went elsewhere for more drinks.

K and her mom arrived the next morning and we spent the day going through a street fair, taking a nap, and eating various street food before meeting Seno again at Sasha. It was good, but over-priced for what it was: no-frills, french inspired cruisine.

The next night, K and I went to see Avenue Q (which was heeeeelarious), had dinner at Jules (french comfort food, delicious meal and great atmosphere), and had lunch at Plataforma, a Brazilian restaurant specializing in Churrasco. Losely translated, it means lots of deliciously  cooked meat on a skewer.

Well, OK. It doesn't really mean that. It's more like the Brazilian version of BBQ but without the sauce and all you can eat. You get the idea. Plataforma was the best Brazilian restaurant I've ever been to. Even as delicious as the Churrasco we went to in Sao Paulo.

After K left, I had to work through the days. Which means the days were long and typically the nights were too. Quick summary follows:

Monday Night: Dinner and dessert at Markt (Excellent! I had the white asparagus soup and the mussels with cilanto and a dash of cream). Back to the hotel early to get work done.
Tuesday Night: We sponsored a party that went really well. I didn't expect to know too many people but it turned out that I knew 85% of the crowd. A lot of old friends. I had a great time. Afterwards, a couple of us went to the new Nobu and had the rock shrimp tempura (excellent – reminded me of the mayo friend shrimp we always get with K's parents – just a more upscale version), the chilean sea bass in black bean sauce (also delicious), and some sushi (not any better than anything you can get in Seattle). In general, Nobu lived up to its reputation and I only wished we would've forgone the sushi for more entrees.

Wednesday night: Dinner at Ben & Jack's, which is your basic, top-of-the-line steakhouse.  Two waiters from Peter Luger's (known to be one of the best steakhouse's in the country) started Ben & Jack's.

What stood out: Canadian Bacon – A 1/4" slice of bacon as a appetizer.

Steak for Four – Two giant Porterhouse steaks cut into about 16 pieces and cooked a perfect medium rare and medium. Some of the best steak I've ever had.

Two bottles of 1999 St. Francis Cabernet Sauvignon, Kings Ridge Vineyard Reserve. The perfect wine compliment to our steak and one of the best wine's I remember.

After dinner, we went next door to the Overlook and met some more friends. The Overlook was the coolest bar I've been to in NY. The upstairs is outside and gives you the feeling that you're at a friend's bbq house party. Good times.

I woke up at 2:30 am to realize I had forgotten my messenger bag, including my laptop, at the bar. doh! I spent the next day sans laptop and very concerned that I'd never see it again. The machine itself is 2.5 years old and I'd emailed everything important off of it, but I had a lot of pictures and stuff on it that I hadn't backed up! I promised to buy an external hard drive as soon as I got to Seattle if only I'd get the laptop back.

After attending 3 meetings without a laptop, the guys at the Overlook called to tell me they had my bag in their safe. Who say's New Yorkers aren't honest, good people?! I grabbed my laptop on the way to the airport and started looking for a good deal on a drive this weekend.

Oh yea. We had lunch a couple of times in the Chealsea Market and once at Pastis. Pastis was very good, even if the service was only so so.