So another last minute trip to NY. I bought my ticket yesterday and will be there a total of 36 hours. I thought my flight left at 8:00 am but it really leaves at 8:40, so I decided to buy a day pass to the Alaska Air Board Room. It's not a bad deal. For $25 you get wifi access, breakfast, free drinks (of which I'll only be taking advantage of the coffee this morning), paper, power, and space. I should probably see about getting the company to buy an annual pass but something tells me they won't go for it.

Not 5 minutes into being here though and I've already broken a glass mug. my laptop power cord caught it and I realized what was about to happen behind my screen just a 1/2 second before it did. I watched as the mug fell to the ground and shattered. I probably should look at this as a good value.