We had a big customer in on Monday and Tuesday along with one of our partners so it was only fitting to hit up a nice restaurant. The customer loved the Waterfront last time there were here and so that's where we went.

The Waterfront is situated on pier 70, which just happens to be where Real World Seattle was filmed back in like 1979. I think Real World Seattle was probably the most boring of the first 20 Real Worlds. I just remember that one of the guys worked at the Pike Place Market throwing fish and one of the girls had a nervous breakdown at some point, but that's hardly something to distinquish one season from the next.

So anyway, being on the last of the 70 piers, it should have a great view and it does, though the dining room hardly takes advantage of it to the fullest. Inside the dining room, it feels like the view is beyond the walls which had me wishing we sat outside.

Of course halfway into dinner it seemed to be blowing quite hard outside so I was also happy to be warm inside.

The Waterfront is probably the most pretenious restaurant in Seattle, at least that I've ever been to. The staff is dressed in what appears to be a cross of a tux and captain's garb from the seventies and prices are exorbent, especially compared to the quality of the food.

We started with what the waiter siggested, "Seafood Indulgence", which included Alaskan Snow Crab claws, Prawns served two ways, a few oysters on the half shell, and some calamari, all for a mere $90/each.

After the indulgence, we all picked out separate entrees. I picked out the Copper River Salmon filet because the season is about to end and figured I was running out of time to get my craving in this year. The salmon arrived overcooked and covered in some salsa type sauce which only served to hide the true flavors of the fish. It could've just as easily been sockeye from Tacoma for all the flavor it had, which was unfortunate considering it ran $52 for just the filet (I told you the prices were outrageous).

Fine, copper river salmon is expensive and the piece was big, but for that price, it should've been cooked perfectly.

We skipped desert because we were all full and headed for the apartment, which is a newer bar in Belltown that everyone in the group seems to love. I kind of like it too because it's low key and small.