I got up at 6am this morning to watch the mostly boring Japan v. Australia game. It was boring until about the 80th minute when Australia pumped in 3 goals in about 10 minutes to win the game 3-1. Up until then, Japan was winning 1-0 and playing a very defensive/controlled/boring game. I wanted Japan to win only because Australia has been saying how their rough style of play was THE way to play and then they quickly complained when their goalkeeper got pushed out of the way by a guy a foot shorter and probably 30lbs lighter.

After the game I talked Kelly into letting me drive to work (instead of taking the bus) and met BJ at Sport in Belltown to watch the opener. The U.S. looked good… for about 5 minutes. At that point, the giant, oafish Jan Koller headed in a goal on a nicely placed cross. From that point, the U.S. just looked slow and lazy. They were constantly beat to the ball and only Eddie Johnson and Cheyna looked as if they belonged in the game. The rest of them looked pathetic. In the end, they lost 3-0 and there's a good chance that the U.S. won't win a game in this WC, which is really sad.

Afetr that game I headed into work and, well, worked. However, I was lucky enough to find a P2P media player that allows one to watch ESPN2. I tuned in for the Ghana/Italy game that seemed like the game of the day. While Ghana lost 2-0, they both appeared to be trading shots on goal for most of the game. Too bad I couldn't watch uninterrupted. Work always gets in the way.

The U.S. plays their next game against Italy on Saturday. Wish them luck.