is at Saito's on 2nd Ave. I'd grown too use to the stuff they serve at Wasabi, which is good and all, but not great stuff. They tend to cater more to the white man with lots of rolls. That's great and all and of course you can order nigiri and sashimi, but I think the quality of the fish has gone downhill in the last few years. On top of that, I really wasn't in the mood for the Wasabi atmosphere, which is a bit more hipster. I was looking forward to a quiet meal.

So after watching the USA play a very good game against Italy followed by several (SEVERAL) hours shopping with K, I was craving a reward dinner. We decided on Saito's, an easy walk from K's apartment. It was about 9:15 when we got there and it wasn't very busy. We took a seat at the bar and ordered up the Nigiri sampler and a masu of Okinoroshi sake. We followed that up with an order of unagi, sake, and hamachi.

All of it was delicious, but I was wondering about their fatty tuna that they call out on the menu. There were three options: fatty, more fatty, most fatty; each a dollar or so more than the other.

We tried the more fatty first. It was the best piece of fish I have ever tried. Amazing stuff. Next, we tried the most fatty thinking that it would be even better. It looked a bit different, not as consistent a texture as the more fatty, but according to K it was better. I personally liked the more fatty tuna. Get that? More Fatty better than Most Fatty.