I crashed hard last night and we didn’t even leave the apartment until 1pm. We borrowed bikes from our hosts and headed to the Olympic Stadium, which is also the site of the official fan fest of Munich. Some people were there early to grab seats for the night’s game, but it was quiet for the most part.

Getting on the bikes for the first time was a bit nerve-racking, mostly because they are just setup a bit differently from the ones I’m used to. Mine had three gears, of which only one worked. Also, pushing backwards on the pedals was the way to activate the rear brake. It’s something I remember from being a kid, but catches you by surprise the first time I encountered it here.

After riding around the Olympic Stadium and grabbing a beer and pizza-thing at ne of the stands, we rode down to the Englisch Garten and took a break under a big tree. Finally, we headed back to the apartment, stopping at the grocery store on the way home.

We want to prepare a big dinner for our hosts and I have a meal in mind. However, a main ingredient in the meal is cilantro and I’m having a hard time finding it.

After a break at home, we headed off to the World Cup match we had tickets for. Getting to the event meant riding jam packed in a subway with other fans for about 40 minutes. it was 80 degrees outside the subway and at least 105 inside with all the people. We were all sweaty by the time we arrived at the stadium.

We got there about an hour before kick-off. Security was pretty light and the whole process was pretty efficient. We went inside, grabbed some food and beer (Budweiser was served! Still only $3.50!). and went to our seats, which turned out to be second row from the top. There weren’t many seats in the house that were worse than ours, but in general they were fine. We had a good view of the game and it still seemed much closer than it does on TV (and the field much smaller).

After the game we headed back to the apartment where Kelly went straight to work and didn’t stop until 3:30AM. We were going to rent a car today, but we’ve pushed that out until tomorrow.

Here are some pictures we took:

Kelly Riding

Football Table
Giant fussball table at FanFest

Pizza and Beer

Pizza and Beer

Crowd at Stadium

All the fans heading off the subway and to the stadium

Kelly & Tim @ Munich Stadium

Just before heading into the stadium. I conveniently cropped out my belly, which has gotten quite large in the last few months.