I’m writing this from United flight 622 on the way to DC. K and I traveled together from Munich to Chicago but had to part ways there as I have to attend a meeting in DC tomorrow. Because we were flying on miles (this trip costs us 160k miles… *ouch*), I wasn’t able to atually change my ticket to go through DC. Instead, I booked a new itin separate from the first, a one-way ticket to DC, returning to Seattle on a one-way Alaska ticket Tuesday night. *Hopefully* my bags are on their way to Seattle now with K. I’m a bit concerned that they are going to take them off the plane because I never boarded the second leg of my itin. and I think for security reasons they don’t like to put bags on a flight without their owner. I guess they feel that if you’re going to bomb a plane, you need to at least be willing to go down with it yourself…

But more about Germany! Let’s Go, Day Four Five!

After a little googling, I found a car rental agency just a couple U-Bahn stops away. We picked up our brand new blue Passat at around 10am and headed for the autobahn. unfortunately, we only had about 15km of wet highway to test out the boundaries of of the surprisingly large People’s Car (Volkswagen) and only managed to get it up to about 100 mph. I probably could’ve pushed it further, but it seemed a bit shaky, which was another surprise. I remembered my dad numerously bringing our old 1985 Mercedes E class up to 200 kph (120 mph?) without too much trouble and here I was in one of the nicer VWs and feeling a bit light on the asphalt. Strange…

We ditched the Autobahn for a more direct, city-laden route to Schloss Neuschwanstein and ended up spending about an hour and a half to go 100 k’s. To be honest, I didn’t really want to go to this famously touristy castle. I had been there two times before a remember it being a hike and not much of a tour. My memory didn’t disappoint as there were droves of foreigners on this Thursday and an hour-long wait to get into the castle. Once inside, the tour lasts about 20 minutes and covers only the 20 or so rooms that were finished before Ludwig the 2nd died mysteriously at Lake Stamberg (or Stam-something. I forget the actual name).

I’m rambling here. Here’s the short of it. K wanted to go. I didn’t. I *compromised*. I’m the good fiance. If you are in Germany, you’re best going elsewhere because while the Castle is very pretty on the outside, it’s not worth a whole day, which is what it’ll require.

We pretty much didn’t know what we were going to do after we left the castle. We just thought we’d head north, trying to follow the Romantic Road for which we had no map.

Luckily, there were little signs along the way that helped out in our navigation. we drove through many small towns and finally stopping in Landsberg am Lech at about 6pm when we were getting tired and hungry. It took us a bit of driving around the town to finally find a place to stay the night, but we met an Irish Presbetyrian Minister during the hunt who we ended up having dinner with later that night.



neuschwanstein 2

Cows in the street


Dinner in Landsberg