or ON the weekend. K and I spent the weekend preparing my house for sale.

YES. We bought a new place. We close on the 4th of August. Hooray! it’s at Site 17 in Belltown, which just happens to be the same place I rented from when I first moved to Seattle. It has recently been converted to condos and the one we got was the last one to be purchased. You can see pictures here.

ANYWAY, my house still has a number fo things left to do to it before I can put it on the market. This weekend we painted all the interior doors white, sealed the granite countertop and tild backsplash, painted a closet white, packed up the kitchen and main bedroom (we won’t have time to pack later), painted a window seal and trim, stained a kitchen cabinet door, and patched up some wall problems.

Over the next week I still need to add some more trim, repair the back door, fix the wall in the bathroom, caulk a bunch of trim, and replace the kitchen cabinet doors.

Oh, and I still need to do the wedding invitations this week too.


A number of people have asked me if I’m sad about leaving a place where I’ve done so much work. I’m not, yet. My house is old and small and the condo we’re buying is bigger and new. I’m okay with the old, but the size and distance from work was getting me. I hate to commute. My new place is only a five minute walk to work. Hooray!

I’m sure when I actually take everything out, I will feel a bit sad though. We spent a lot of time redoing the rooms, the kitchen, and adding a deck. However, I also made a lot of mistakes on all of those things and when we buy a house after the condo, we’ll do a much better job estimating and implementing.