I hate it when people tell you that they are somehow more “real” and “honest” because they will complain loudly about any problem they have. As if bitching and complaining  about some event or task is a skill.

It’s not. Every single one of us started our lives making statements like “I hate that”, “I don’t want that”, “You are mean”, etc. When your born you only have very simple ways to convey your opinion and every single one of those ways puts somebody on the defensive. If somebody makes me dinner with olives and I don’t like olives, should I be congratulated if I stood up and said “This dinner sucks. I hate olives.”?

No. Of course not.

The skill is conveying to someone your opinion or thoughts in a way that will most likely bring positive change, so please don’t get on some high horse about how speaking like a 5 year old is some great asset.