K and I went to the UW Travel Clinic yesterday and got a series of injections and pills. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten four injections in one day before, but now we’re vaccinated against Hep A, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Tetaneous. I also got the first shot of three for Rabies. I still have to get two more over the next couple months to finish that one off.

The rabies vaccine is a weird one. It doesn’t actually prevent you from getting rabies, but it gives you an extra 48 hours to get medical attention before things go grave. At which point, you only need two more shots, istead of the normal 5 or so for somene who isn’t vaccinated. It’s an expensive series of shots ($700+) and we don’t really need them for Sri Lanka or Singapore, but I figure if insurance is paying, I might as well get it.

Also, we got typhoid pills and malaria pills. There are four pills that you have to take one every other day for 8 days. The vaccine lasts for 6 years. The malaria pills you take while you’re actually in an infested area, which will be 10 days at most for us.

There are still a few others we might get in a year or so to include Hep B, Yellow Fever, and others, but for now we’re good.