I’m in NY today and for the rest of the week trying to pitch potential customers on our products. It might not sound like fun, but it is. Maybe if we sold vacuums or metal screws I wouldn’t find it enjoyable, but because we’re pitching to big media companies it ‘can’ be fun. 

We’re staying at the Sheraton Manhattan which is totally ghetto for the price. NY is probably the biggest gamble in regards to hotel rooms that I’ve ever seen. It’s the only place where you can spend $400/night for a crappy hotel room. I usually think of the Sheratons being pretty nice, but deifntely not in this case. If you have any recommendations for hotels in NY, let me know. I usually stay at the Ameritania or the Amsterdamn. Both are small, but the price is good and the rooms are clean and modern.

After getting in at 5:00, we went to dinner with a co-worker at Dos Caminos. They do the tableside guac just like Rosa Mexicana and it tastes pretty much the same (how do you screw up guac?). The good news was that the entrees were generally better, if a bit uninspired. The menu makes them sound really interesting and delicious and they are good but nothing particularly interesting. I had the beef short ribs which reminded me of pot roast (good or bad?). The meat was very tender and it came with a bunch of diced vegetables (see the pot roast connection?).  It wasn’t particularly Mexican in my book, but maybe i’ve eaten too many burritos.

Afterwards, we caught Jackass number two at the AMC Time Square. I haven’t laughed that hard in a cinema in a long time. Or felt so much pain. I won’t go into the particular stunts except to say it’s more graphic, more nudity, more puking, and more self-mutilation than number 1.