I’m sitting in La Guardia this morning waiting for my flight to Cancun. We’re throwing one of my best friends a surprise bachelor party in Cozumel and we just told him last night. Good times.

Being in NY is exhausting.  Since Monday, we’ve attended something like 15 meetings and two business dinners. The amount of sleep i’ve gotten each night has been less and less, culminating with last night where I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 5. I’m lucky to have slept at all as I didn’t have a hotel room. Seno was nice enough to provide me with a futon to sleep on.

The EAT OUT NYC event was pretty fun. There were about 40 restaurants, each serving one small tasting and an open bar. Memorable highlights were craftsteak, Paera, Nobu 57, Landmarc, and some place that had the best bignettes in the world. I’ll post the name when I can find it.

Seno and I alwso tasted what was supposed to be the best burger in NY last night at Bar 89. It was good, but not THE BEST.