A few of us went to see the new TGR flick Anomaly on Sunday night. It was your standard, modern snowboard/ski flick where you follow a bunch of extremists all over the globe as they run tight lines down massive chutes or launch off 100 ft cliffs, sometimes with a parachute. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great way to get excited about the upcoming snow season and the places they hit were amazing, but it seems like so many of these films have gotten so ADD. There’s no story anymore. It’s just “how many places can we hit in a year”…

The best part of the show was the announcement of the winners of the raffle prize. Actually, I wasn’t even there when they did this as I jetted as soon as the movie was over (mostly because I had read my tickets incorrectly and ended up waiting 3 hours before the movie started to get in, so I was very tired when it was over), but I received a call from my buddy Steve just as I was walking up the stairs to my condo…

— Dude, where are you? You won the skis.

— What? Are you fucking with me? I’m already home.

— I’m serious. Get down here. They are looking for you.

I naturally assumed this was a big joke, but I high-tailed it back to Neumos anyway. Lo-and-behold I had indeed won a new pair of skis from Rossignol. Sweet! After talking to the marketing guy this week and telling him that I no longer skied, he switched me to a new snowboard instead and I get to choose which one.

I tell ya, I’m normally sort of a gear person, but when it comes to snowboard gear I don’t pay much attention. When I was told I could pick any Rossignol board I had no idea of the differences. I spent the next few days trying to do some research and finally chose the works after I posted this thread to Sierra Snowboard, who answered my questions immediately. I will look to them next time I need to make a gear purchase (like a new pair of bindings maybe?). 

I decided on a Rossignol Works 162 based on it’s all-mountain shape and size and because it’s made from the lightest material out there. It’s supposed to be sent to my house in the upcoming weeks, a great replacement to my five year old Nitro Team, which will now become a rock board.