IE cut off my last post and now looking back, I don’t know what the third piece of information was. Oh well. I had also written more about Doogie Howser but can’t remember what that was either.

On Tuesday, I took a quick trip to NY. I was only there until Thursday afternoon so I didn’t really call anyone. I did meet dB for dinner in the Lower East Side at Le French Diner, where I had the Braised Lamb special. The food was very good, comfort french food and I recommend it to anyone. just remember that it only seats about 12 people. The place is tiny and plays rock and roll. Good times.

The next night we had a work dinner and so I made reservations for wd-50 based on my experiences at EAT OUT NY on my last trip. wd-50 originally told me they wouldn’t seat 6 people at 7pm but then shortly thereafter, called me to tell me they could (this was a week beforehand). I was very excited for our dinner there but in the end, we ended up ditching our reservations for dinner at the nearby Koi.

I didn’t want to ditch our rservations but the other party talked me into it. He said it would be hard to find a cab in downtown during the massive rain storm that was currently attacking Manhattan. I put up a small fight (I’ve never had a problem catching a cab in NY, except when I need to go to an airport), but after a day of lost luggage (a whole other story a.k.a. I hate United Personnel – I can’t quite figure out why I’m pushing to qualify for Premiere Exec status for this year but I am…) and rain, I was too worn out to complain too loudly.

The food at Koi is good and reminescent of Nobu, though not at impressive. They have a couple dishes that stood out including the Crispy Rice topped with Spicy Tuna and the Yellowtail Carpaccio, but I was still sad not to have gone to wd-50. My feelings were only increased when I checked my voicemail to learn that wd-50 had called twice asking whether or not they should continue to hold my table. In my defense, I did try to call and cancel, but got a recording telling me the reservation line was closed and never heard their call come in.

Oh well, next time…