I just finished reading this book my mother got for my birthday and I have to say I really struggled to complete what started off as a great book. Mayflower cronicles not only the dangerous journey from England to New England but also the people who set off on that journey, why they set off on that journey, and the150 years of history that seems to be lost of what happened after the first thanksgiving and before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I never took college level American History so maybe I’m just one of the many undereducated that was not fully clued into how the Puritans first dealt with the Indians and how it turned into a brutal conflice that left thousands of English and Natives dead.

I was happy to read, that there really was a Thanksgiving where the natives sat with the Puritans and celebrated their first harvest in the new land with turkey (Probably – Nobody knows for sure, but turkey was around. Venison was probably eaten as well. No mention of my favorite white trask side, green bean casserole) I’d been somewhat skeptical. I was less happy to read that the Puritans survived by stealing native corn and were also quite unaccomodating to fellow English who did not share their views. The Purtians did NOT come to America to create a land where everyone was free to worship. They came to a land where THEY were free to worship and felt that everyone else should follow in their views.

A few decades of general peace among the natives and the English breaks down into war, after certain native tribes are finally upset with the way they are losing land and what they feel are injustices forced upon them. The book spends most of its time describing Great Philip’s War in the Plymouth area and this is where it got slow. 150 pages of this group fought that group.