A few months ago a couple friends and I decided to put together a dirt-bag boarding trip in early March. The goal, to visit some of the more interior BC ski resorts and ride, ride, ride. We were trying to keep it as cheap as possible and only spend money on the boarding, which I’m glad to say we’ve accomplished. We went into the trip with a very loosely defined itin, so we could make decisions based on snow conditions and cheapness.

I’m happy to say that it’s paying off. Yesterday, we snagged two spaces on a snowcat for March 8th and 9th at half price through Powder Cat Skiing in Revelstoke, BC. We’ve also got room reservations at the Best Western in Roger’s Pass for three nights at a whopping 71CAD/night per room. It works out to like $32 USD a day.

So, the itin is shaping off as follows:

March 2 : Make the 9-10 hour trek from Seattle to Roger’s Pass, near Revelstoke, BC

March 3-5: Tour & Ride Roger’s Pass, drive to Golden BC on the 5th, after boarding

March 6-7 : Ride Kicking Horse Resort, drive to Revelstoke, BC on the 7th, after boarding

March 8-9: Snowcat Riding! Drive to Rossland, BC on the 8th, after boarding
March 10: Ride Red Mtn. Resort, drive to Seattle after boarding

We can flip Kicking Horse with Roger’s Pass if we need to based on snow conditions. I’ve never been snowcat riding before so I’m really looking forward to that. It’ll also be nice to go somewhere else other than Mt. Baker for a change.