I’m writing this from my hotel room in London, just a block away from Trafalgar Square. I’m here for a few days on business, but I’ll talk more about that later.

With double the vacation of my wife, I set out to setup a guys ski trip in interior BC. The goal was to hit all of the resorts normally located a bit too far to go to during a weekend. Here’s how the route ended up:

BC Map with route

It’s been over a week since we left on our trip, but I wanted to post chronologically anyway.

Day Zero was all about driving. We all got up early and worked until about 12 noon at which point I headed out to pick up BJ and Gabe. With just a bit of back-tracking to pick up a left-behind laptop, we were on I-5 heading north by 1:30pm. The drive was rather uneventful and we made good time with little to no traffic, just taking short breaks at the border to pick up some liquor at the duty-free store and once for gas.

Seattle to Rogers Pass

The roads were great until we passed Merit, at which point they turned downright nasty (a precursor of things to come?). We slowed to about 30 mph for about an hour until we got to Kamloops, at which point the roads went back to being awesome.

Seattle to Rogers Pass

We made it to Revelstoke by about 8pm and met up with our friend Al who had flown into Kelowona from Portland at a local Mexican restaurant. The food was OK, but what do you expect from Canadian Mexican? After a few beers and on a full belly, we completed our drive to Rogers Pass where we would stay for the next three nights at the Glacier Park Best Western.