We slept in, had a long $25 buffet breakfast (which was damn good but not worth $25), enjoyed the beautiful backyard of the hotel overlooking lake Louise (frozen over) and the hanging glacier and finally made it to the resort by about 11am.Chateau Fairmont @ Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a big resort and we had a lot of fun, despite the increment weather and lack of new snow. We stuck mostly to groomers but did manage to hit a few steeper runs, including one with a short hike entrance and a bit sketchy “falling would be real bad here” section.

Lake Louise


We rode until 4pm and headed off the 45 min to Banff, determined to see the town for a few hours before heading the reverse direction to Revelstoke.

Banff is a nice, if totally touristy, ski village, We walked around and checked everything it had to offer before deciding on getting a pint at an English bar. We decided to go big on dinner after eating mediocre food for the last 4-5 days. We went to The Maple Leaf and ordered up the Bison and Elk tenderloins along with a nice bottle of Canadian Syrah. It was all delicious and over much too soon. We still had to drive the 3.5 hours to Revelstoke.

After about 1.5 hours of driving we got stopped. No. Not for drinking and driving or anything. We were stopped because a mudslide had taken out the pass between us and Golden, roughly 15 miles from our current position. We were told that we need to go back towards Banff and do this long extended route around the slide.

It would take us another 6 hours to get to Revelstoke driving through some of the most miserable conditions I’ve ever driven through. It sucked. There was nothing good about it. We finally made it to our hotel at 2am, tired and cranky. We probably got to sleep at 3am and we had a 6:40 am wakeup call. Tomorrow was Cat skiing and to be honest, the conditions didn’t look good. It seemed much too warm and we had driven through rain and snow on the way there. Were we going to end up with a crappy day of rain skiing?