Needless to say that on day four we felt like hell. It was one of those mornings where you say “I’m never drinking again”. It was beginning to feel like Spring Break, or what I think Spring Break must be like. To be honest, I worked most of the time I went to school so I never really did the proper Spring Break thing. Maybe I’m making up for that?

We were back at Kicking Horse, albeit with a late start and riding up the Gondola when Leslie proposes a “short” 45 minute hike to yet another chute. I think about this for about 2 seconds and say “Have fun” or something to that extent. I feel like hell and a hike followed by a chute made for skiing is not what I have in mind.

Kicking Horse

Kicking Horse

Luckily BJ feels the same way and we break apart from the skiers. We ALMOST make it to the run to the chairlift before the restaurant on the top of the mountain catches our eye. Brian thinks we should go in for an Irish coffee.

I think he’s kidding.

He’s not.

5 minutes later and our friendly bartender is mixing whiskey, bailey’s, coffee, and whipped cream in a couple of nice glasses for us.

5 minutes later we feel better. We order some soup.

The soup is delicious.

A bit later we decide that we should probably get some riding in since as we paid 60 CDN (thew most I’ve paid for a lift ticket in probably 5 years) and all.

We do a few, long runs and meet up with the guys for sushi and other Japanese food at the base. A surprisingly good soba soup makes me feel even better. BJ and I keep separate from the people who want to hike and find cool little routes through trees, including one little chute that had tgwo rough spots: One with a 4-5 foot long rock section and another where you had to jump a log. They seemed all hardcore at the time, but looking at the picture below, they look totally pansy. I can only say that I was nervous in both places and I feel like a total wuss because of that. You can judge for yourself.

Kicking Horse

We were done at 4, but we still had a drive ahead. Al had to head back to Portland so we said our goodbyes and headed towards Banff. We didn’t have any reservations but we thought we could deal for a room in Lake Louise, where we wanted to ride the following day.

It took us a few hours to get out of Golden as they had shut down the road until about 6:30pm due to avy activity along the route. We finally arrived at the Fairmont in Lake Louise and were able to snag a room at a great price from Tetsuya, the Japanese clerk. Another long soak in the hottub and a few $8 drinks later and we were in bed asleep. I had to share a bed with BJ as Gabe won the “rock-paper-scissors” contest for the free bed.