I’ll make this one short.

Day Seven was even better than day six. There was another 15 cms of snow on the ground and we rode deeper, steeper lines all day long. It was a complete blast and if you’ve never tried cat skiing/riding, I suggest you pick out some time and do it. It’s a bit pricey, but completely worth it. Now I need to try heli-skiing.

After riding all day and enjoying the hot tub at the hotel, we started off towards Nelson, which is basically directly south of where we were. Gabe drove the four hours to Nelson that included both a 45 min free ferry across the Columbia and a lot for bitching by me once I realized that were we driving four hours to not actually get any closer to Seattle (I had wanted to go to Kamloops or Kelowna and ski Sun Peaks or Big White).

In the end, we found a hotel in Nelson and went out to enjoy the night life. I did feel a bit old hanging out with what appeared to be early 20 somethings, but it was fun nonetheless. Gabe even got up and sung a little more karaoke. We also decided not to ski the next day. Instead, we slept in and went out for breakfast at a little hippy establishment called The Full Circle. Afterwards, we walked down to the waterfront and then hoped in the truck and started towards Spokane.

It was a long, but easy drive home and we even stopped by Sagecliff Cave B Inn & Winery by the gorge, which looks to be a beautiful place to spend a weekend, and enjoyed a few big glasses of wine. I would highly recommend the place.

We arrived home at about 9pm on that Saturday night and were happy to have a whole Sunday to rejuvenate from our “vacation”. In the end we rode 7 days straight and drove for about 32 hours for a total of 1734 miles.

Here are some more pics:

Cat 2 Group Shot

Guide Turns

BJ Gets Stuck

Day 7

The Guide Heads Down First