Are we at Day Six already? I’m really cranking them out on this flight…

Day 6 began very slowly. We were exhausted from the night before, but we managed to make it down to the buffet breakfast to get things going. After signing a waiver regarding death and injury and the leader mentioned 20-25 cm of new snow where we were skiing. Hooray! He also gave out the Cat groupings (there were 3 cats). Our group sounded fast. In other words, everyone seemed to have a “young” name.

I was wrong. There were at least 3 people over 50 on our cat. eek. We were going to be waiting all day for these geezers! Also, the tail guide got in our cat and mentioned that they had no idea what the snow was like above. Could be raining or snowing up there.

All Three Cats Lined Up

Our attitude crashed. Rain? Ugh.

We hopped in our cats and took the long, slow ride up to the top of Revelstoke Mtn., stopping once to go over avalanche transceiver methods for finding trapped riders in the unfortunate chance that somebody got caught in an avy. We were happy to notice that there was about 10-15 cms of light, fresh snow on the ground. The day was looking up!

I can’t really separate the rest of the day other than to say that the riding was awesome. Some of the best riding I’ve ever done. Each run would start with calf deep, virgin runs in the alpine followed by tight trees containing lots of deep snow. I was surprised how tight the trees were and how you could only find your way through by following the tracks in front of you. We would also yodel (if you can believe that) to discern where everyone was. And it turned out that all of the old guys were actually pretty damn good skiers. We never had to wait for anyone. In fact, we were always waiting for the cat to pick us up for the next run. I hope I’m that good at 50.


Day 6

Waiting Our Turn

Much fun was had by all and we ended the day with a long run all the way back to the base where there was beer and chicken wings. Success! What a great day.

After getting back to the hotel, we again went to the hot tub. We decide that because we don’t have any beer, we should start mixing the coke with the bottle of scotch I picked up at the border. An hour or so later, the scotch is gone and I’m asleep in bed. We managed to be waken up long enough to eat dinner but then fall back into a sleep so heavy that even numerous phone calls and knocking on our door cannot wake us. Gabe is the only one with energy and he’s annoyed at us for wussing out.

TO be honest, I never heard any of his knocking. I slept for something like 12 hours that night and I woke up completely refreshed. It felt good.