Day 3 starts at 6am. Looking back I can’t remember if I felt OK or like hell. I imagine it was the latter after putting away so much vodka the night before. Maybe that’s not a lot to you, but I don’t drink hard alcohol that often. Pulling down a full liter between four guys along with a few beers each seems like a lot. I’m quite sure it felt like a lot that morning.

We did make it out on time and up to Kicking Horse by 9:20am or after stopping for gas, gas station coffee and even better, gas station sausage biscuits. MMMmmm. I think the pork might have been undercooked so i removed it and just ate the fluffy exterior.

We met up with our tour guide for the next couple of days, Leslie. Leslie is a late 30 something Aussie who hasn’t worked in two years. All she does is ski. From Dec-Apr, she skis at Kicking Horse. From June-Sep, she skis in the southern atmosphere, last in Bara Loche, Argentina, where she met Gabe and Al. In the other months, she goes back to OZ. This is a trud dirtbag lifestyle that even I don’t think I could handle. She loves to ski and it shows. She is super fast and highly skilled. We spent the day following her down long traverses and very hard and steep chutes, all of which she blew down.

Kicking Horse

I have to say that while it was a good time, giant hard and steep moguls on a snowboard aren’t a ton of fun. BJ and I went along with this all day and had a good time and enjoyed the amazing views and riding a real resort for once, but did wish there was some new snow around. It had been several days since the last snowfall.

Kicking Horse

After a day of riding it was back to Golden, BC where we dropped all of our stuff at Leslie’s basement apartment. After helping her load some wood into her place, we changed into bathing suits, grabbed towels, and went in search of a hotel with a hottub to poach. Luckily, there was a motel type option where nobody would notice us going straight from the parking lot to the hottub and soon enough, we were enjoying another long soak. We even got the chance to try the water slide. An hour later we were done and on our way to Leslie’s.

The rest of the night goes like this:

Open bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila I had purchase din Mexico. Make Margaritas. Finish bottle of tequila much too quickly.

Indian food is eaten

Karaoke is sung (including the gayest “IN the Navy” duet by Al and myself” – NO i didn’t pick this horrible song)

More beer are drank at multiple bars

BJ boils several brats in beer