My week was supposed to be the second of two weeks in Seattle with just a one day trip to San Fran. Instead, I got booked on a last minute trip to NY to attend a meeting on Tuesday (that lasted all of two hours). So, I took an early morning flight out of Seattle Monday morning, attended my meeting in NY on Tuesday and then flew out to SF that night. The good news is that the meeting went really well and that deal seems like ours to lose. The other good news is that while in NY I called Seno and got a quick recommendation for a place to eat in midtown. I’m glad I did. We ate at Bar Americain and had a delicious meal.

I don’t actually mind traveling, but two cross-country trips in two days is a bit much. Especially, when they are both in middle seats. I couldn’t believe my surprise on Sunday night when I was booking my flights that most of the flights were sold out. I was lucky enough to get a free upgrade to Denver on the first flight, but because of a screwup at the airport, I lost my exit row, window seat on the next flight and got stuck in the middle/back. On the return, I arrived to catch an earlier flight then I had scheduled and the only thing left was a middle seat in the back. The only good news is that it was one of United’s P.S. flights, so there weren’t but maybe 75 people on this sold-out 757.

I’m certainly glad to be on the west coast today and only have a short two hour flight home this evening.