After a nice weekend in Whistler and no problems getting through the border even though I didn’t have a valid passport, I got into Vegas late last night. It’s sad when a 45 minute cab line is considered ‘short’. Anyway, I checked into my room at The Signature by MGM and now I’m a happy man. I think this might be the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I have a huge, completely new and modern room with a big flat screen tv , plush and comfy king size bed, soaking tub with flat screen tv in the bathroom, couch, etc. The room even has a small fridge, microwave, and stove (not that I’ll be doing any cooking).

The best part is that the hotel is rather small, meaning no crazy crowds trying to catch cabs in the morning. Finally, the food is actually good and not that nasty cinnabon/bagel nastiness you find in NYNY or MGM. I had a nice breakfast of homemade yogurt and granola along with a tasty croissant.

So while the show is pretty crazy, the hotel is peaceful. I highly recommend the Signature..