The sausage making took a little longer than expected, but went well otherwise. I did learn that hog casings do have a breaking point and that it isn’t wise to pump them to their maximum capacity as they might tear at the seems when you go try to turn your 4′ long segment of sausage into 8 6″ segments. I ended up with 5 segments and maybe 3/4 lb of loose sausage, which I’ll use in a red sauce later or in lasagna. I cooked one sausage up and it was quite good. As good as the stuff at Boat St of Le Pichet, so I’m happy. I’ll freeze the rest for a bbq session.

One of our wedding presents was a meat grinder, which I’ve used three or four times to grind sirloin and chuck together to make some delicious burgers. A few months ago, I picked up the sausage spurter attachment thingy and a book on making sausage (which turns out to be a few pages on instructions and 100 pages of recipes which only vary by about 4 ingredients each). Yesterday, I tried to buy casings at both Metropolitan Market and Safeway without success. Today, I stopped at Uwijumaya and purchased some hog casings and fatback (aka big chunk o pork fat) and tonight I’ll set out to prepare my first set of sausage, starting with Hot Italian. I’ll let you know how it goes.