Yesterday we cut out of work after out obligatory 8 hours and headed east all the way to North Bend for some evening fly-fishing. It was the first time I’d been this year and I was happy to escape the city and stand out perched on the Snoqualmie river bank trying to reel in the big one.

Turns out, I don’t really know thing one about catching fish with a fly rod. Sure, I can cast it pretty decently, but I have no idea what bait to use or where the fish hide out. I didn’t get so much as a nibble on my line. So after 4 hours, I had nothing to show for my effort except a six-pack of empty beer cans.  BJ had slightly better luck and caught a couple of tiny little guys. I’m not sure if you would call them fish or sardines, but at least he got something.

It was fun anyway and maybe after speaking more with the guys at Outdoor Emporium about bait, we’ll have better luck.