I mean to update this blog more often. Really. I do. It seems that every time I check back it has been another month without an update. Well, I guess the four of you reading this will just have to deal.

Sometime during the winter, our friend BJ decided to pose the Glacier to Bellingham challenge. The challenge was to raft the Nooksack river all the way from Glacier to the ocean. We took BJ up on this challenge just this last weekend, dropping a rented white-water raft in at Douglas Fir campground and riding it all 52 or so miles to the last bridge before she opens up into the Pacific.

It was a long trip, starting at 9:00am on Saturday morning and not ending until 2:30pm Sunday. It had its exciting moments…starting in unknown class 3 rapids without a guide and almost getting hung by one fallen tree and flipped by another… and it had its dull moments, like the 6.5 hour 2 mph float to end the trip. It had its good food moments (pizza and beer at The North Fork) and it had its bad food moments (Soft Batch cookies from the Chevron. And it had its just plain silly moments, like the 5pm stumble into the Deming casino in shorts and t-shirts for an evening cocktail, chicken wings, and a touch of gambling.

In the end, we made it. Mission accomplished and good and sad times had by all. Nobody died (a plus!) and we were all back in time for dinner with our ladies on Sunday evening. I would do this trip again, though only down to Deming. After that it is a complete bore. The Glacier to Casino Raft might just become an annual adventure.

Glacier to Bellingham River