So while you are all working to get through your Friday afternoon, I’m waking up for my day of freedom in Sydney. hooray. Today, after a quick run and workout, I plan on spending the day sightseeing around the city. My plans involve heading out to The Rocks, Sydney Harbour, a beach for fish and chips and anything in between. One of my co-workers here is playing a gig in Newtown tonight, so I think I will head there for dinner and then to the show.

But a bit about last night…

Last night at about 7:00pm, I decided to head down to the Shangri-la Hotel where I heard there was a nice bar on the top floor with a good view of Sydney from above. I walk all the way there, ride the lift up and am promptly denied access to the  bar because they have a strict dress-shoe only policy after 7pm. It wasn’t like I was wearing sneakers, I had just bought a new pair of pumas a day earlier, but they were too ‘sporty’.

So, I headed down to a local sports bar to watch the aussies take on Iraq in the Asian World Cup. Iraq actually scored the first goal and the game ended in a tie. Who would’ve thunk that the aussies would play so bad. They were pretty strong in WC 2006. Anyway, at the bar I met some nice locals during the first half and then headed down to Toko in Surrey Hills for some amazing Japanese food. It wasn’t even that expensive either, but maybe the best Japanese meal I’ve ever had. Truly delicious.

I’ve yet to stay out too late though. Was back by 11:00 and asleep shortly thereafter.