It just sort of happened. Kelly and I will be moving to New York in November. We plan to stay in Manhattan and want as many to people to visit as possible. You’ll just have to stay in what will most definitely be a tiny apartment! We’ll be giving up at least 1/2 of our square footage for what we see is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in the biggest US city and eat some of the best food in the world. The food really is one of the determining factor here. We have great restaurants in Seattle but NY, well, that’s at a whole other level. We’re very excited to go and we’ve even found a couple of Microsofties to rent out our Seattle condo.

Exact date for the move isn’t yet determined as there are a number of factors going into that decision as well as work timing. No, I’m not leaving my job. I’m relocating. Most of our customers and potential customers are in NY and we’re doing more and more business in Europe. Being in NY gives me better access to all of that.

We’re not leaving Seattle forever either. We love Seattle and we’ll be back at some point.

More info to come. We hope that many of you will take us up on our offer to stay in NY…for free!