We arrived on Tuesday night at about 6:30pm, having took the United flight through Chicago and arriving in La Guardia, which is the generally the closest airport to Manhattan. We had decided several weeks ago that we didn’t want to ship anything to the city so we packed up 3 full-size boxes with our stuff. The boxes, hovering at the airline 50lb weight limit, arrived quickly at baggage claim looking like they had crossed the ocean. They were severely beat up and each one had been opened by TSA. We took those, along with a full-sized piece of luggage and two large carry-on bags and grabbed a taxi to meet our friend Seno at his apartment on the upper west side.

Seno is nice enough to let us store our luggage there for a couple weeks while we try and find a place to move into. My work is nice enough to put us up into a hotel while we’re here during the week as I have managed to fit in a few meetings into my travels. On friday, we’ll check out and move into Seno’s for a few days and then return to Seattle on Sunday. A week later we’ll come back to NYC with some more things to officially begin our time here. It’s all excitement, nervousness, and a bit of scaredness as we get into the city.

We had dinner at ‘the eatery’ located on 9th and 53rd. Seno used to be K’s boss so they talked about old times and the newest MS gossip, of which there is much. Afterwards, we headed up the street to grab a beer at a local bar (I don’t remember the name) and saw a bit of the opening day of the NBA season. To be honest, I don’t care for the NBA at all. Somehow they score every 20 seconds and to me it is still boring. Of course, it is the one sport K actually likes. Go figure.

Tomorrow is a mix of business meetings and apartment hunting. Poor sleep comes quickly.