Day 2 is very easy to sum up: It sucked!

I made a nice list of places to check out in the LES and EV and booked a few appointments for this Tuesday. We started off on Delancey, which is just a big, nasty street in downtown. We show up to the apt, call the super and he brings up to the 3rd floor of a nasty building to show us a 2bdrm for $2600/month. The building smelled like rotting flesh and the unit itself looked like it had been empty for months. It was dusty, dirty and all around nasty (my fav word today). Moving on.

We walked through the gritter part of LES and made our way to another unit where the super didn’t answer the phone. Off to unit 3 and we have an appointment with something of a broker. We see the unit and it is clean, in a nice building, but incredibly small. Too small and everything is old. All for the bargin price of $2500/month. Good times. Things not looking good.

Over the next 5 hours we looked at several more god awful, nasty buildings and units (anything by Jakobson properties is going to be nasty) and I attended two business meetings in mid-town, shuttling back and forth for each one. The only positive thing that happened on Wednesday was our lunch at The Shake Shack. Even Kelly enjoyed her shake burger and was asking for more the next day.

By the end of the day we were beat and depressed. Rent Direct (which is the listing service where we got our rental infomatio) seemed like a truly worthless service, but after a little rest we hit up craigslist and noticed a few nice places appear in the LES in our budget. With a little bit of restrained enthusiasm, we headed off to a nice dinner at Vice Versa in mid-town and caught a little of the NY Halloween sights. I only wish we’d have had energy to go see the parade in the village.