Day three was considerably better than day two. We actually saw apartments that weren’t total slums! We must’ve walked another 10 miles on Thursday but at least the the apartments were mostly better, despite seeing several apartments missing kitchens and plumbing and sometimes even walls and being expected to “imagine” what they would be like and “would i like to take one?”

Aside from that, we checked out a very nice and large apartment on the Upper West Side within half a block on central park. It was veryu cut, but after walking through the UWS, we decided that we wanted to be some place a little dirtier and with more nightlife.

On the Lower East Side / East Village, we did see a few that would be OK including a studio on Rivington with an alcov bedroom and a 1 bdrm on 11th and Avenue A. We listed these as fall backs and seriously considered just taking them, but K talked me into at least trying out a broker. OK. We can try. We called the lady with the UWS apartment and told her that we would not be taking her apartment.

That night we headed down to LES for dinner at Kuma Inn with our friend Seno, stopping on the way at a wine store (that’s going to take some getting used to) to pick up a bottle of chardonnay as Kuma Inn is BYOB. The Japanese tapas were mediocre to great (especially the tofu and chinese sausage), but nothing amazing. Afterwards, we grabbed a couple beers at a local bar before heading home. If the day was stressful adn exhausting, at least the evenings were full of good food and relaxation.