We decided to call a broker and by noon we were in their office going through apartment listings. After an hour or so, we were in a cab with one of the brokers and on our way to NYU, or at least the neighborhood around there: Soho. The one apartment we saw there wasn’t bad, but looked exactly like something i lived in during college.

We headed up to the UWS afterwards and saw a couple places there (did I mention we were being totally schizophrenic about where we should live?), but none were as nice as the place we saw the day before. After a slightly awkward lunch with our broker, we headed back to see another broker in the LES.

We saw four places in the LES and they were all worth decent enough to live in. Each one was better than the last and after seeing the last one, we knew we wanted it.

And then we learned of the problem. it wouldn’t be available until Dec 1. UGH. Can we wait until Dec 1? We had flights booked for the 12th. Where would we live? should we just take the place on the UWS? It was still available and so was the studio on rivington.

But it was 6pm now and there was nothing we could do now. We would contemplate that night.

We met some friends originally from Seattle at Bua, a very cool little English-type bar with exposed brick walls and a menu consisting of pulled pork sliders and 4 different grilled cheese sandwiches in EV where we had a few beers before stopping at an incredibly mediocre Indian place called Calcutta. it was some of the blandest Indian food I’d had in a long time. Somewhere during this time, we convinced ourselves that we’d rather live in a smaller place in the EV than a nice big and pretty place on the UWS. Not because the UWS is bad, but because it was just generally similar to living in Seattle. If we wanted to do the NY thing, we should do it all-in and go LES.