One thing about selling complex software is that it tends to make you very verbose. Nothing makes sense unless you explain the past, the present and the future.

Everything is a setup.

You spend so much time in the setup that by the time you get to the point, the audience is no longer interested.

I think that is where my blog writing has gone. In an effort to get out the details, I’m missing the point.

And onto the story of day 5

I’d like to tell you that I had a great time getting up at 6am, walking 20 blocks to meet a pack of strangers for bagels in a strange apartment, making small talk for half an hour and slowly making our way into Central Park to watch the Olympic Marathon Trials.

I’d like to tell you that but I’d be lying.

In fact, I was tired. Exhausted even after 3 days of 12 hour apartment hunting with some work thrown in. I mean, I’m glad we saw the trials. It is a decent story, but oh man I really wanted to sleep and except for a few moments at the end of the race, nothing changed my mind about that. Even the cute Asian women among the strangers we met.

After all that and a nap, I went to the broker to finish this apartment deal off. Maybe it was my exhaustion or maybe it was my ego but I quickly grew annoyed with the whole process of ‘qualifying’ for an apartment. Look, we own two properties in Seattle and have never missed a payment on anything in probably 10 years. Our credit scores are both over 700. I’m putting down first, last and another whole month of rent down up front. WTF is the problem?

But just like in every other business, they have a process they follow and they don’t deviate. They aren’t allowed to think for themselves. They just align dots on a page. Somehow landlords in NY have taken a huge upper hand in the rental market and because of that, they can require all sorts of ridiculousness and because of our schedule I just sucked it up and finished it off.

In the end, the landlord is actually fairly nice and we got the place and it all worked out but I can tell you that this whole process wouldn’t fly anywhere else in the country.